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The gift of inspiration…

The inspiration for DOGGIEDOM started with two beautiful dogs: Max, the Border Collie – German Shepard Dog X, who came into my life over 20 years ago, and Oscar, the Miniature Schnauzer four years later (more about him in future blogs!) .

I naively purchased Max as a puppy from a pet shop at the time – he was on the mark down pile and I thought he was probably destined for a dog shelter before too long.  He was not only striking to look at with his long regal black coat, but had a beautiful and warm nature – one of those special dogs you encounter at least once in your life.

While dogs were pretty much for a feature in my childhood and adult life up to that point, I realise now I was actually quite ignorant of the importance of diet and really how to make the most of this very smart dog’s mind.  He was fed a variety of foods – from those processed sausage meats you get at supermarket freezers, to premium dog food and the odd raw bone (the former two items I now shudder with horror!).  He relished long walks on the beach and indulging his unhealthy obsession with endless games of catch the frisbee.

At the age of around six years, I found a lump on Max’s front leg.  It turned out to be a malignant tumour.  After countless vet trips and trialling many different medical treatments , Max sadly succumbed to the cancer which had spread throughout his body.  It was a devastating blow but one that started me on a profound exploration of health and wellbeing for dogs (and myself) that continues to this day. Through this blog I will share more about my beautiful boy Max (and reveal more about Oscar’s role as well) and tell the stories of other pet lovers and experts who take an integrative and holistic approach to caring for their four legged best friends.

My homage to Max is his place of pride in the DOGGIEDOM logo – a small token for the very generous gift he has given me.