Holistic Dog Training and Wellness Plan

Holistic Dog Training and Wellness Plan


Helping your dog achieve total wellbeing

At Doggiedom we believe that an integrative approach to health and lifestyle offers the best opportunity for true wellness for our dogs and their behaviour.   We value the benefits that both modern science and traditional health practices can offer for total wellbeing.

Kerri Bradley from Doggiedom  can create a customised holistic training and wellness plan using the Doggiedom wellness formula (see below) to help you promote a long and healthy life for your dog/s. 

Doggiedom Holistic Training and Wellness Plan

The Doggiedom Holistic Training and Wellness Plan is designed specifically for your dog based on an assessment of his/her behaviour and wellbeing factors that may influencing those behaviours, including physical, mental and emotional health, lifestyle factors and diet.

The plan is based on the key elements of the wellness formula (see below); it includes supporting guides, recipes and other resources to help you achieve your dog’s behaviour and wellness goals.

The Doggiedom Holistic Training and Wellness Plan includes recommendations that consider all aspects that impact on your dog’s wellness and behaviour:

  • reduce your dog’s internal and external exposure to harmful chemicals
  • improve your dog’s gut health, including meal plans suitable for their life-stage and other factors
  • improve physical health with basic exercise programs to suit your dog’s energy and other needs; and
  • help address behavioural and emotional issues with some basic training tips and suggesting complementary therapies.

At Doggiedom we respect and want to work with your regular veterinarian and other professional health carers in the interest of your dog’s wellbeing.  It is important for us to be aware of the health history of your dog and any diagnoses, test results, treatment options or medications your dog is currently taking as part of the wellness plan approach.

Doggiedom is happy to support the guardian to discuss options for their pet with their vets and other dog health professionals or is happy to work with those professionals directly in consultation with the guardian.

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On-line basic wellness plan

In the basic wellness plan, Kerri will assess your dog’s current wellbeing and situation based on the results of a comprehensive survey diagnostic that the guardian completes.**

The basic plan is conducted on-line; it is important that the guardian provides as much detailed information and some current good quality pictures or video of their dog.

Suitable for those doggie guardians: 

  • with new puppies or dogs to the household who want to get their pooch off to a great start in life
  • who have dogs in general good health who want to make some changes to prevent issues down the track
  • who have dogs with some minor health or behavioural issues who want to make some changes to improve their dog’s wellbeing and prevent further issues developing**
  • unable or would prefer not to book a personal consultation, or would like a lower cost option.


$80 per dog: (includes: initial individual assessment of dog, comprehensive wellness implementation plan, including supporting links and resources, quarterly (4 per year ) on-line check-ins for questions and to adapt the plan as needed (up to 12 months).

Additional $55 per hour* for further consultation, including contact with relevant vet or other professional health carers.

Personal consultation (Victoria/Australia only)

This includes a one hour home visit (Melbourne metro and surrounds only unless otherwise negotiated) where Kerri assesses the dog’s lifestyle, environment and behaviours.

Suitable for those: 

  • who want a more comprehensive assessment of their dog’s behaviour and wellness risks;
  • would prefer a higher level of personalised consultation; and/or
  • would like a number of others in the household to participate in the consultation and plan implementation


First consultation (per hour): $110 first dog, $85 for any additional dogs in the household (includes: in person initial individual assessment of dog, a wellness and training implementation plan, supporting guides and resources). Quarterly (4 per year ) on-line check-ins for questions  (up to 12 months).

Subsequent consultations: $75 per hour (includes in person consultation to monitor progress, update the plan, demonstrate any training or other techniques recommended in the plan if requested).

**PLEASE NOTE: The wellness assessment does not involve diagnosing illness or disease in your pet – this can only be done by a qualified veterinarian.  Doggiedom can recommend complementary therapies, including targeted nutritional therapies, as an adjunct to any treatments your dog is receiving through their vet.

How to book

To arrange either an on-line or in-person consultation and Doggiedom Holistic Training and Wellness Plan, contact Doggiedom by completing the form below: