How to sprout seeds for your dog

How to sprout seeds for your dog

Sprouting seeds to add to your dog’s regular meals.

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(Makes 1-3 serves of sprouted seeds)  Store in fridge once sprouted and use within 3 days.

Seeds of your choice:
Make sure you use seeds that are for sprouting or have not been refined (eg: pearled barley).  You can spout different seeds together, but ensure you soak each seed for its required time.  (Refer to the table below for recommended soaking and sprouting times for some typical sprouting seeds)sprout seeds


Clean, filtered water


Sprouting jar or container or

Regular jar with holes punched into lid



  1. Take a handful of one type of seed and place in the sprouting jar or containerIMG_1727
  2. Pour fresh, filtered water until they cover the seeds by a couple of centimetres.IMG_1730 (1)
  3. Soak for the recommended time (at least two hours plus – generally the bigger the seed/bean, the longer the soaking time).

    Soaking seeds in clean filtered water starts the spouting process
    Soaking seeds in clean filtered water starts the spouting process
  4. Drain the water from the jar and drain out all the water (some sprouting jars have a special stand or you could use a freestanding dish rack to help with the drainage).IMG_1732
  5. Place the drained jar in its elevated position with the seeds even spread against the sides and place on the kitchen counter.  Ensure there is no excess water that the seeds are sitting in or they will rot.IMG_1733
  6. Rinse and drain the seeds, returning to the elevated position twice a day until the sprouts are at the desired stage for adding to your dog’s (or your own!) food.IMG_1756

 Amounts to serve:

Serve about an 1/8 cup of sprouts per 5kg of body weight.  Crush them up in a pestle and mortar and add with your vegetable mix for an additional nutrient hit.IMG_1182

Sprouting good health for your dog

Beyond home remedies – time to see a dog care specialist!